Vlad Codor

My name is Vlad and I am passionate about good design, 3D modeling, lighting and CG visualization.

My journey into digital art started 10 years ago with simple Photoshop projects, being immensely inspired by works posted by the artists I admired.  I then went on to discovering new ways to express my creative side and spent a lot of time teaching myself other software packages: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, MudBox, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino3D, Chief Architect and many others. I also learned studio product photography and used the skills I learned to enhance the work. 

The challenge of learning something new, as well as creating a beautiful digital piece from scratch has kept me at my computer desk for countless hours, enjoying every minute. 

I have worked with clients and companies in different fields and also freelanced. In the future, I plan on working in a challenging environment, while learning new skills and expanding my portfolio.